Contact Registration Event

Contact registration

Contact Registration Event can be configured to capture and add users directly to Mapp Engage contact group. You can create multiple registration events by adding conditions when an event should be triggered.

User can be added by mobile phone or email identifier and be notified about subscription in three ways: notification email, invite or without any message.  Contact registration event requires an update on Mapp Engage DMP API USER (scroll down for details). 
This feature integrates Mapp Acquire and Mapp Engage users and automatically sets up new users across both systems – the Mapp Engage contact is matched with the UUID (Mapp Acquire User ID). This feature also tracks the web behaviour of all users and creates email campaigns and automations (based on entering or exiting Mapp Acquire audience).



Custom Registration Name

Choose a name for your event. Default is Engage Contact Registration. Not required to change it. 


Choose which Mapp Engage system user will be added to. (Available in systems created before 05.2019)


Choose which Mapp Engage group user will be added as a new contact. Existing users won't be added again.

Subscription Mode

Choose how users will be informed about the new subscription:

  • with notification - user will receive email 

  • invite - user will get an email with a registration confirmation link 

  • without notification - user will not be informed about subscribing to the email group

User identifier

Choose which identifier will be used to create MappEngage contact. You can 

  • email

  • mobile number

Add CSS path of the element that should be captured. 

User Attribute

Additional user attributes can be captured when the event is triggered. Add attribute name, CSS path and default value (not required). Examples: Name, Surname, Address, City, ZIP code etc. To use these attributes in Mapp Engage, go to IMPORT DATA tab, edit it and add personalization option. 


To add users who confirmed registration use condition AJAX click and add registration button CSS path (F12->copy selector path)


If you want to register users on specific pages or conditions (for instance after 5 minutes on a page) use conditions like in Custom events. More here.

Change DMP integration user

  1. Add new DMP user in Mapp Engage system with these details:


Role: Client Administrator
Password: generate safe password and save it for adding it to Mapp Acquire integrations details
2. Update Mapp Acquire and Mapp Engage integration details with the created user. Change just API credentials (user name and password), URL will stay the same.
Remove previous DMP API user from Mapp Engage system (recommended, not required)