Tracking domains



A tracking domain needs to be configured in DMP if you want to keep using our pixels. If you don't do this properly the cookies will be marked as third-party and be blocked by browsers.
If for example you have the website "" and you want to implement our pixel there, then you need to create tracking domain "" for example.
This can be done by creating a CNAME record on your DNS server to "". After configuring the CNAME you can configure the tracking domain in DMP.

If you don't configure tracking domains the tracking domain "" will be used. After configuring the tracking domain you can select it when creating or updating a tracking pixel. 
Please note that cookies are separated by tracking domain. So if you change the tracking domain for existing users or create a new one they won't share the cookies.
This will result in all users getting new DMP UUID's.

Creating a tracking domain

  1. First you have to create a CNAME record which has to point to Then we will be able to request a TLS certificate for handling the incoming data from the pixels. 

  2. Click "Add tracking domain" on the tracking domains page.

  3. Enter the domain you want to have as the tracking domain and click "Add".

  4. The tracking domain will now be properly configured. A new TLS certificate will be requested for the tracking domain and will then be able to be used for creating new tracking pixels.

Selecting tracking domain for tracking pixels

When you have at least one custom tracking domain available, you will be able to select the tracking domain when creating or updating tracking pixels.
The default tracking domain is always selected and will be used when no other tracking domain is available.


When the DNS-record is configured properly we will also be able to generate a SSL-certificate for the subdomain. This allows us to drop secure first-party cookies. 
The certificates are requested from CA Let's Encrypt for the subdomain.
After creating the tracking domain in DMP the certificate will be generated and properly served by our servers, the process of generating and serving the new pixels can take a day.