User Overlap Use Cases

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User Overlap allows you to easily run an analysis to get valuable and strategic insights on the user overlap between two entities . It calculates the percentage of overlapping (unique) users that are included in both the input entity as well as the comparative item. The use cases below provide just a few examples of how to use our User Overlap feature to gain important insights regarding your pool of users.

Publisher perspective - Onsite drop-off

In this instance the overlap between the two items can give you insights in onsite drop-off. Imagine that you’re doing the analysis for the state lotery in your country. The company asks you to find out how many of the users that have been on the site, eventually converted? To figure this out, you’ve created a Mapp Custom Event that tracks all the visits on your advertisers’ website and another Mapp Custom Succes Event that’s configured to load on the ‘checkout’ page. Once you’ve created these two items, our overlap feature can help you run your analysis.
Just follow the steps below:


  1. Select Custom Event that tracks all on-site users
  2. Select Custom Succes Event that tracks converted users
  3. Press ‘’Run analysis’’


Advertiser perspective - Overlap in reach

Our overlap feature can also give you important insights regarding your reach. Imagine that you have a campaign running on (advertising price $2.00 CPM) and at the same time another campaign on (advertising price $1.00 CPM). If this is the case, you could use our overlap feature to explore the overlay in your reach. If the calculated percentage shows that the overlay is quite big, you could decide to advertise on only since the CPM costs are lower here.

  1. Select pixel/Custom Event/audience that tracks all users on

  2. Select pixel/Custom Event/audience that tracks all users on
  3. Press ‘’Run analysis’’


Advertiser perspective - Value of segmentation

Another functionality of our overlap feature is the fact that you can check the ‘’value’’ of your segmentation. Let's say you have created two different Custom Succes Events. After checking the Custom Events in our overlap feature you find out that the overlap is e.g. 90%. Since the Users in the Custom Events are nearly the same, you could combine both segments into one. Makes sense right? Why target and optimize two campaigns if the underlying segments are practically the same.


  1. Select Custom Event (Custom Event name or ID)
  2. Select Custom Event (Custom Event name or ID)
  3. Press ‘’Run analysis’’

Advertiser perspective - Value of third party audiences

In this example we are going to show you how to check the ‘’value’’ of third party audiences with our new overlap feature. Imagine that you have created a 1st party from data collected with our Mapp pixel. Besides this, you are still doubting if you need to enrich targeting with 3rd party data (more data = better targeting)? By using the overlap feature you can check how big the overlap is between the 3rd party audience and your own-managed data. If the percentage is relatively high, you should consider not to buy the third party audiences (any more) and save money.


  1. Select created Custom success event (Custom success event name or ID)
  2. Select Third party audience (audience name or audience ID)
  3. Press ‘’Run analysis’’