Audience Insights

This section covers all information regarding the Audience Insight feature.  

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Audience Insights allows you to get a more detailed view of an audience you have built with the Audience Builder. You can access it by clicking the ‘graph’ button on the rule of your desired Audience.


Audience Users

The graph 'Audience Users’ shows you the the amount of users in the audience both in a daily chart and a summary.

  • DMP users: The amount of DMP users that matched the audience condition(s). These users haven’t been synced with the execution platform yet.

  • Uploaded users: The amount of users in the audience who are actually matched and uploaded to the execution platform.

Please note that a single DMP user might be uploaded multiple times to the execution platform due to 'cookie renewal' on their end. This might therefore result in a higher number of Uploaded Users than DMP Users.


With this feature you can check the overlap between your targeted audience and other audiences. Overlap will make a calculation which is based on the amount of overlapping users divided by the the total unique users in both items. For more information about overlap, click here.

Explore in Report Central

Dive deeper into the data of your audience by exploring the audience in Report Central. By clicking on the button 'Explore in Report Central', you will be redirected to Report Central. In here, your audience is automatically set as a filter. Add more dimensions and measures to get a more detailed view of the audience.