Edit Attribute

This section covers all information about the Edit Attribute page.

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  1. Click on edit for the attribute you'd like to edit.
  2. Change the title for your attribute. This will be the title you will see throughout the DMP. 
  3. Select the matching weight for the attribute. When setting the matching weight of the attribute, you select which data will be used to match the users from the data import to the users in the DMP. You can make a selection out of three matching weights: 

    1. Deterministic match: A one-to-one match to the user. Examples of deterministic match points could be customer ID, email address, etc. 
    2. Probabilistic match: A match with a high probability to be accurate. Examples of deterministic match points could be last name, address, postal code, license plate, etc. 
    3. Not used for user matching: This attribute will not be used to match users. It is still possible to enable the attribute in the DMP. 
  4. Enable where the attribute should be visible in the DMP.

  5. Set the data type of the attribute. More information about data types can be found here: Data Types.