Updating Imported Data

This page explains the process of updating imported data. 

You can update the imported data by selecting an existing data source and uploading the source file. This will replace the existing source file with the new one. The data will be updated from that moment on, meaning that the historical data won't be changed. After you have selected the Source Name and selected the updated Source File you can continue the data import as described here


You have uploaded a data file including the city the user lives in. However, as users move to other cities, you want to update the data accordingly. This will go as follows: 

  1. You select the Source Name of the file you want to update. 
  2. You select the updated Source File.
  3. You select the same pixel as you did for the previous import. 
  4. Follow all regular steps to import data as described here
  5. The data will now be changed from this moment on. So if the previous city for the user was New York and is now Los Angeles, this will be changed as of the date you imported the new data. This means that if you look back 30 days ago, the data attribute "city" for that user will still match both New York and Los Angeles. If you look back in the data as of the moment you imported the new data, the data attribute "city" for that user will only match Los Angeles.