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This section covers all information about the Data Import overview page.

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The Import Data feature allows you to import (external) data files and unify it with data collected via DMP tracking pixels.


This section provides information on the Import Data overview page.

Table Overview
  • Title: The title provided for the attribute. This title is reflected throughout the other platform features.

  • ID: The unique ID of the attribute automatically assigned by the DMP system. 
  • Available in Custom Audience: when the checkbox is ticked, the data point will become available in Custom Audience.
  • Available in Report Central: when the checkbox is ticked, the data point will become available in Report Central.

When hovering over a particular item you will be offered a several of actions. Down below we described the purpose of the different actions.


This redirects you to the Edit Attribute page.

This will remove this item from the interface. 

API Identifier

The template of the API identifier can be found below, where:

  • The "11" value represents the customer_id that is assigned to your DMP instance ID (this will always be the same for your account).
  • The "1234" value represents the custom_attribute_id which can be found in the first column of the Custom Data overview.
API Identifier