Whitelisting Mapp DMP Data in Google

To deliver your 1st-party data to Google for the AdWords (GDN), DBM, and DFP integrations, you must get your Google account whitelisted for targeting. If your account is not whitelisted, your audiences will not be successfully passed to Google.

The whitelisting is a one-time operation. This document explains how to get your Google accounts whitelisted.

1st-Party Data Whitelisting for AdWords (GDN), DBM, and DFP

To deliver audiences containing 1st-party data to Google AdWords (GDN), DBM, and DFP, you must whitelist the Mapp DMP (also called FLXone DMP) in Google's system following these steps.

  1. Contact your Google Account Manager and request an email agreement to whitelist the Mapp DMP (also called FLXone DMP). 

    You will receive an agreement similar to the following: 

    You agree that: (i) Mapp DMP (also called FLXone) is authorised to create, edit, and otherwise manage audience data in Your DoubleClick account(s), including your DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and DoubleClick Search accounts, subject to the relevant terms governing Your DoubleClick account(s) (“DoubleClick Agreement”) and those contained in this email; and (ii) DoubleClick is authorised to provide the DMP with access to Your DoubleClick account(s) so that the DMP may perform the above activities.
    Without limiting the generality of any provision in Your DoubleClick Agreement, You acknowledge that any use of audience data in Your DoubleClick account(s) is subject to Google’s Platforms Program Policies.
    Please respond to this email with the words “On behalf of my company, I agree” in either the subject line or body of the email to indicate that You have read, understood and agree to the above.
    Please note that by sending such a reply you are confirming to DoubleClick that you are authorised to provide this consent for the legal entity that is identified as the customer in Your DoubleClick Agreement (such entity being the ‘company’ referred to above).

  2. Reply to the email with the following:
    On behalf of my company, I agree.

  3. Your Google account manager will then submit the following information to the respective AdWords, DBM, and DFP support teams:
    • Your email agreement.
    • Your AdWords, DBM, or DFP account number.

    • Details on the data set which needs to be whitelisted (Mapp DMP / FLXone DMP).

  4. Once Google receives the authorization email, the account will typically be whitelisted within 7 days. Once the whitelisting has been completed, you can deliver your 1st-party data to Google.

  5. Following this Mapp must also whitelist the specific user accounts you will be using to login to the relevant Google systems when creating your audiences, to do this please send an email containing the email address(es) of these user accounts through to your AM to create a supporting account within the Mapp Google account, you will then receive an invitation to accept.

3rd-Party Data Whitelisting for AdWords (GDN)

As of December 2017, Google is no longer accepting new whitelistings for 3rd-party data on GDN. You can alternatively use DBM for 3rd-party targeting.