Down below you will find a detailed guide on how to activate each integration.

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General steps

In order to activate any integration you first need to go to the 'integration settings' page. You can do this by following these 2 easy steps:

  1. Click the icon in the upper right corner of your screen

  2. Select 'Integrations' in the displayed menu. 

You will now see an overview of all the available integrations. Press the 'enable' switch for the integration you want to activate. Down below you will find further instructions on how to activate this particular integration.


AppNexus is a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising.


Since the AppNexus Integration can only be enabled manually, click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION' to alert the DMP team. The client has to follow the steps below:

Please find below the information about how to get the AppNexus integration in place.

  1. Network User
    First step is to create a ‘Network User’ account in AppNexus so we can take care of the initial setup of the DMP account. The client has to create a network level user and send the credentials to
    Username: flxone_<client_name>
  2. API Access
    Does the user already used the AppNexus API? If not, the client can do this by opening a support ticket with the title "Request for API Access". In the body of the support ticket, include the following information:

    The numeric ID of the user that requires API access
    The billing name and numeric ID of the member under which that user exists

    Please note that access is typically granted within 1-2 business days.

  3. Audience Builder
    In order to push audiences from the Audience Builder to the client's AppNexus account we as a company needs to be authorized to use the Batch Segment API from AppNexus. The client has to send an email to AppNexus support with the following content:
    I authorize FlxOne (member id: 1929) to add users to/remove users from segments in my account (member id: <member_id_crimtan>) using the Batch Segment API service.

Please include TMA Account Manager in the CC so we follow the progress.

When all these steps are in place, please reach out to the Mapp DMP Support team so we can finalize the integration.

(in the example above the AppNexus integration is already enabled. Instead of 'activate integration', the button will now display 'update integration')

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon.

After clicking on "link now", you will be redirected to Amazon universal login page.

After login, you need to give Mapp Acquire access to the Advertising API

After the consent is given, you will see an indicator in Mapp Acquire that the OAuth link is successful.

After activation, make sure that the Amazon DSP sync module is enabled in step 1 of Data Collection

Mapp Engage 

Mapp Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a multichannel marketing platform. It allows you to engage with your audience across a range of communication channels: email, SMS, mobile push messaging, web pages, and social networks. More details


  • Enter the API URL, Default Group ID, Mapp CEP Username and Mapp CEP Password. When finished click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'. 

Mapp Self-Service

This allows to create custom integrations with 3rd party systems in a secure and scalable way.


  • HTTPS endpoint
  • HMAC secret
  • Mapping platform
    • If user sync is implemented, enter the ID of that platform for external UUIDs
    • If user sync is not implemented, enter ID 1 for Mapp UUIDs.

See DIY Integrations for more details.

LEGACY - not supported anymore


Adform’s end-to-end ad tech stack closes the loop by integrating media planning, buying, optimization and reporting into one place covering full-featured Demand Side Platform, Rich Media and Ad serving. 


  • Fill in your country ID and Agency ID. When finished, click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION' to enable the AdForm integration. 


AdZerk is the API-based ad server that provides the infrastructure for publishers, communities, marketplaces and utilities to customize and scale advertising.  


  • Since the AdZerk Integration can only be enabled manually, click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION' to alert the DMP team. They will activate the integration for you. 
  • Ask client for Network ID and API Key. With this information the Mapp DMP Support team can enable the integration. 


Avocet is a platform for buying and serving digital advertising in real-time. 


  • Since the Avocet Integration can only be enabled manually, click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION' to alert the DMP team. They will activate the integration for you. 


BidTheatre is a Demand Side Platform used by trading desks, agencies, advertisers and publishers throughout Europe.


  • Since the BidTheatre Integration can only be enabled manually, click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION' to alert the DMP team. They will activate the integration for you.


eXelate is a provider of data technology in the digital marketing ecosystem. This integration enables you to push audiences into eXelate in order to sell them.


  • The Mapp DMP Support team needs to activate this integration which requires the following from Exelate:
    • S3 Bucket
    • Access Token
    • Secret Access Key

Google Integrations

Google Ads  (AdWords)

Google Ads is an online advertising service. It allows advertisers to purchase text, image and rich media ads, and the service offers pay-per-click and cost-per-thousand advertising. Please note that the audiences that are pushed to Google Ads can only but used for targeting display campaigns, not search campaigns.

Google Display & Video 360  (Google DBM)

Google Display & Video 360  is a Demand Side Platform providing trading desks, agencies, and advertisers with greater transparency and performance in global display media buying across ad exchanges. 

Google Ad Manager (Google DFP)

Google Ad Manager is an ad management and ad serving solution that helps growing publishers sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of their digital ad inventory. 


To use any of the Google integrations within the Mapp DMP, Mapp DMP (also called FLXone) data must be whitelisted in Google. This is a process which is initiated by the client. To learn more about the whitelisting process, please read these instructions.

Once the whitelisting is in place, please reach out to Mapp DMP Support for finalizing the integration. You can contact Support by logging into your Mapp DMP account and clicking "Support" in the upper right corner.


  1. The Mapp DMP Adwords account is called "Teradata (FLXone)", for historical purposes.
  2. Please note, for pushing an audience to any Google (Ads, Google Display & Video 360 , and/or Google Ad Manager) account, the client needs an email address that is linked to the Mapp DMP Ads Account. Mapp DMP Support can take care of this linking, upon request. There is only one requirement. This email address cannot be linked to another AdWords account already. We recommend to create a new email address for this purpose.
  3. Ensure the whitelisting process with the Mapp DMP Google Ads account and the customer's Google Ads account has been successfully completed. This is required setting up the integration, and this is a manual process that the Google Account Manager needs to do at the customer's request.
  4. The Google Ads ID must be entered without dashes.
  5. The customer’s Google account must be added to the Mapp DMP Ads account.
  6. Ensure the customer has selected the correct Google account when authenticating from the Mapp DMP website. Make sure the customer is logged into the correct account, otherwise the "select account" dialog may not show the correct option


Mailchimp is an online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results.


  • Enter the API Key and click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'.


Marketo provides marketing automation software that provides inbound marketing, social marketing, CRM, and other related services. 


  • Enter the Client ID, Client Secret and Client Endpoint. When finished click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'.


MediaMath is a global technology company that’s empowering marketers with an extensible, open platform to unleash the power of goal-based marketing at scale. 


  • Enter your MediaMath username and password. When finished click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'.


PubMatic is a software company that powers the advertising strategy for publishers through workflow automation, real-time analytics and yield management. 


  • Enter the API key, Consumer key, Secret key and Pub ID. When finished click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'.


The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is an online demand-side platform that provides buying tools for digital media buyers.


  • Enter the Advertiser ID and Secret Key. When finished click 'ACTIVATE INTEGRATION'.