Overview of Lookalike Audiences

This section covers all information about the Lookalike audience overview page.

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The Lookalike Audience Overview is where you will find all the information about your Lookalike Audiences, including the name of the Lookalike Audience and information about the size of the Lookalike Audience. The actual number shown in the interface represents the amount of users that have been added to the Lookalike audience in the last 24 hours. In addition, it will show when the Lookalike Audience was created, when the Lookalike Audience was last updated, and the person who originally created the Lookalike Audience.


Lookalike Audience name 

You are able to name each Lookalike Audience in order to distinguish them. You can change the name of the audience by clicking on the pencil icon right next to the current name. 

Platform Column

In this column you are able to see to which platform you exported your composed lookalike audience to. 

Updated Users Column 

This column displays the amount of users send to the external platform the moment the lookalike audience is updated. The percentage shows the difference in users compared to yesterday.

Created- and created by Columns

These columns display when the particular audience is composed and by which user. 


This allows you to edit the composed lookalike audience.

Note: Because the Audience Input is the dependent variable for training the model, this cannot be edited after the Lookalike Audience is created in the Mapp DMP.


This redirects you to the Audience Insights page.

This will remove this audience from the interface.