The purpose of this document is to present the new Audience Builder. TIll end of 2019 bot “old” and new Audience Builder is accessible in the AUDIENCE tab, you can use both of them. View of the created audience will be shown in the builder that it was created.

What’s new in BETA Audience Builder:

  • New fresh layout – based on Material Design and Angular.js

  • New condition: FREQUENCY which allows building audiences of users who did custom event etc. more than once

  • New boolean login – add AND/OR conjunction between conditions and nested conditions

  • Nested conditions – create a container to add unlimited amount of nested conditions

  • Recency and expiration time now are part of audience settings – no more confusions that recency is a time window and no need to add expiration time as a 1st condition in Conditions for removal.




New audience condition - frequency - helps to fins users who performed the same action a few times. As for other conditions, users can choose if an event (other condition) happened:

  • at least

  • at most

  • between

Last two modes require setting up Delay for exclude conditions timer.

New boolean logic

New audience builder (comparing to the previous one) lets users create audience rules with AND/OR conjunction in containers and in-line.