Remarketing (personalized)

Remarketing (personalized)

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a highly powerful advertising and marketing technique that has been used by advertisers, companies, and e-commerce stores to increase revenue. While the traditional and somewhat basic methods of remarketing are effective, they can be greatly improved with personalized remarketing (for example by showing ads with products or categories that user was interested in or send a personalized email with promo code).

How to make it in Mapp Acquire:

We can do it by pixel events and then using it in an audience or just creating an audience. This example will show the first way:
  We're looking for users interested in organic shampoos or shower gel who get to our shop from Google
1.Create an event - Source Google 

2. Create an event – organic shampoo. shower gel

If we select Capture User Attributes, we can collect exact product names and show products in the ad, email, etc. 

3. Create an audience that is any of those two pixels and set the expiration time. Like the abandoned cart case, we can remove the user who already bought a product from this audience.