Xamarin integration for Android (Mapp Cloud)

This document explains how to download the Xamarin plugin for Android and integrate it with your application code.

Download Xamarin Android plugin for Mapp Cloud 

To download the latest version of the Xamarin Android plugin, please visit https://developers.mapp.com/#mobile-sdk. Here you will find the latest versions.

Integration Steps

The integration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Enable Firebase Cloud Messaging for Mapp Cloud  allow your app to send and receive Push Notifications.
    This is done by creating an Android app, get a Google Project ID and an API key, and then enable the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service. 

  2. Add and initialize the Xamarin Android plugin to your project - see the Xamarin Android initialization for Mapp Cloud to integrate Xamarin Android plugin into your project.
    Android SDK Version 19 or later is required by the Xamarin Android plugin.

  3. Test your application - build and run your application on your device. Your Logcat shows the device's logs, including your application logs.