Adobe Air Plugin (Mapp Cloud) - (Deprecated)

Mapp's support for Adobe Air cross-platform framework has been discontinued on . Please contact your CSM for more information.

This part of the documentation extends the integration process of Appoxee's native libraries into the Adobe Air world.

Integrating Adobe Air Plugin will provide you with the functionality supported as part of the Appoxee SDK (iOS SDK 4.0.8 / Android 2.7.0).


Inbox feature is not supported as part of the Adobe Air plugin for Android.On the App configuration you need to validate that "Allow Inbox + Rich messages" option is not ticked for the Android App. This will ensure that the Android Air App is able to send Push Notification Only messages which do not include Inbox functionality (In-App Message,Push Notification & In-App Message). For Adobe Air applications under iOS we offer only APIs to enable development of custom Inbox.